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Laser Gum Contouring

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Laser gum contouring, also known as laser gum reshaping or gingival sculpting, is a dental procedure that utilises laser technology to modify and reshape the gumline. This cosmetic dentistry procedure is typically performed to improve the aesthetics of the smile by addressing issues such as excess gum tissue (gummy smile) or an uneven gumline.

During the procedure, a dental professional uses a dental laser to precisely remove or reshape the gum tissue. The laser is effective in controlling bleeding and minimizing discomfort during and after the treatment. Laser gum contouring can create a more balanced and attractive smile by exposing more of the teeth and creating a harmonious gum-to-tooth ratio.

The benefits of laser gum contouring include minimal discomfort, faster healing, and reduced risk of infection compared to traditional gum surgery methods. However, not everyone is a candidate for this procedure, as the extent of gum reshaping required and individual oral health factors may vary. A consultation with a qualified cosmetic dentist or periodontist is essential to determine if laser gum contouring is a suitable option for achieving the desired smile aesthetics.

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