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Chin / Jaw Fillers Cricklewood

Treatment Summary

Treatment Time

15 minutes




1ml £325

Results Last

Approx. 12 – 18 months

0% Interest Free Finance Pay monthly over 3, 6, 10 & 12 months

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Chin/Jaw fillers are cosmetic injections that re-volumize and restore the jaw and chin non-surgically. If you’re looking for a slimmer and more structured face, jaw and chin filler treatment can be the perfect solution creating a better definition of the lower face and resulting in overall better profile balancing of the face.

We provide bespoke treatments that are designed to meet individual patient needs, whether you want a more structured and chiseled masculine shape or a more contoured and smoother feminine look.

During your consultation, we will assess the areas that you wish to treat, whether you want a smoother feminine shape or a more structured masculine look, and generate a bespoke treatment plan to meet individual patient needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The treatment is carried out by injecting dermal fillers strategically to the chin, jowl area, or jawline, with a cannula/needle, delivering results that are suitable for the patient. Treatment time typically lasts between 10-15 minutes and the results are instant.

No recovery time needed. You can get straight back to your daily routine, without taking time off work. Slight tenderness, redness, and swelling are to be expected right after the treatment. However, our aesthetician will talk you through everything during the consultation on the day.

As dentists, we are ideally placed to perform this type of treatment. We have undergone several years of training, and we are extremely familiar with both administering injections, and the anatomy of the face.

This treatment is suitable for those who have begun to notice signs of ageing in their face or those who have concerns about the appearance and shape of their jawline. Jaw filler injections are popular among clients searching for a minimally invasive way to change the contours of the jaw area.

The results are instant and last approximately 12-18 months, the filler naturally gets broken down gradually by the body, allowing it to go back to its original shape. This varies from person to person as it all depends on the individual metabolic rate and lifestyle.

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